Friday, March 29, 2013

Madmazel & Amir Danaei - Shorou

It is about time I made a new music post. I just couldn't hold myself back from posting this.
Recently I've been infatuated with the Iranian music scene for the same reason why the Pakistani scene fascinates me. The trouble a musician has to go through just to have their music heard is a lot more than we, as Americans, can even fathom. This, to me, is a non-music element that enhances the experience of listening. It becomes more intimate and personal.

I had spent a few hours hoping I'd discover all sorts of different indie, post-rock, rock, and various other artists. Three had come up (the other two I will post later). This particular song made me instantly fall in love with this artist's music. On top of Madmazel's absolutely beautiful voice, Amir Danaei has created a guitar hook both beautiful and so catchy I can't stop thinking about it. Neither have any albums out, but they both have various songs here and there on their soundcloud accounts.

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Amir Danaei
[] [SoundCloud] [Facebook]