Thursday, September 12, 2013

tapeunderground - úgy lépek

A conversation of reminiscing with a friend had compelled me to revisit tapeunderground. It was then I realized, I haven't made a blog post about these guys!

I had stumbled upon tapeunderground back in 2009, which opened my music taste to trip-hop. There was just something about their sound that grabbed me. A year later I planned a trip to Hungary to see Képzelt Város and Marionette ID. Since it was a month-long trip, I might as well cram in as many concerts as I could. I was super pleased to find out that tapeunderground was playing, and only within a few days of my arrival!

As the day arrived I was incredibly excited. I had invited my Hungarian Couchsurfing host to join me on this musical excursion. She was shocked that I knew of so many small Hungarian bands and intrigued at what this small band could bring. We arrived at the venue, Cökxpôn. To this day I've never been to a more chill venue. The ground floor was the cafe while the basement was the music venue. Pillows and low tables were everywhere. I don't normally like sitting for concerts, but this was definitely the music to sit on a comfortable pillow to. The decor was colourful and trippy.

The environment complimented the music so well. Despite the two jocks seemingly putting extra effort to making everyone's experience less awesome, a potential fight breaking out between them and a guy in front of me, and the entire venue yelling at them... the evening was quite magical. It was definitely a mixed emotion concert. But getting to see tapeunderground was just so much better than I even expected.

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(Their albums are free to download from their website. Letoltesek.)