Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mathias Eick - Oslo

This Esbjörn Svensson Trio artist radio on is producing some delicious jazz. I had to feature at least one of the newly discovered artists.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magna - Dreamed Or Dreamt

Out of all of the amazing music experiences I've had in the past couple years this was possibly one of the coolest and most unique. It all started on Since I was living in an area with a decent music scene, Los Angeles, I wanted to go to at least one or two concerts a month. However, December was barren. I then found the Magna show at the C.I.A. in North Hollywood. Once the day came I started to doubt whether I should or shouldn't go since it was raining (I only had my bike and public transportation). But I thought, "screw it, I should go." I took the Red Line up to North Hollywood and biked the rest of the way. It wasn't far but it was far enough to be soaken wet when I arrived.

I arrived early, like usual, so I ended up standing outside underneath a live canopy. Two guys join me in an attempt to hide from the rain as well. I asked them, "so, what band are you here for?" They reply, "we're actually one of the bands!" Of course, I thought of this scenario in my head when I asked the question, I didn't think it'd actually happen. It was slightly embarrassing. Then they mentioned they were Magna. "OOOH, I'm here to see you!!" This surprised them. They're not that well-known, so someone riding their bike in the rain just to see them play probably seemed a bit unexpected. Well, they express their situation... C.I.A. double-booked thus pushing them out of the concert lineup. So, they're relocating to the guitarist's living room in Pasadena... twenty miles away. Thankfully they had a friend willing to give me a ride.

As we arrived I couldn't help but think about how cool it is to see a band play in such an intimate setting. Only seven people (including myself) showed up, and I was the only one that wasn't tied to the band through prior friendship. Morgan had to take his snare off and use soft sticks and everyone had to lower their amps to keep the noise levels down, since it is a residential area. But it was a perfect level, in my opinion. As they played I just couldn't get over the fact that they're right there... so close... Clay (bassist) was sitting on the couch, Ryan (guitarist) was leaning on the door frame, Dan (guitarist) was in front of the window, and Morgan was where the coffee table would have been. There was no feeling of being rushed for the next band as they would have normally been at the C.I.A. (they were scheduled to be the opening band). Magna was the headliner in this intimate show.

I've seen God Is An Astronaut, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Caspian, Mogwai, MONO... but to be honest, this experience is still at the top of my favourites along with The Corny's rehearsal.

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(The page is shared with a Pennsylvanian electronic artist. The albums this Magna has produced are Echo Location and Magna EP. Magna EP is a free download. Echo Location can be purchased on iTunes.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - An Idea is a Greater Monument than a Cathedral

One of my favourite bands, Marionette ID, had the opportunity to tour with these guys. So, I thought I'd give them a listen. I'm not usually much into the Emo style but I'm always open. This was the first song I heard from them which kind of got me hooked.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Basheer & The Pied Pipers - Orcinus (Returns Home)

Some more from Pakistan.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

the Corny - It Was

Toward the end of my Europe trip I was enroute from Vienna to Budapest by train. My good friend greeted me at the train station and had expressed earlier that she had a surprise for me. Of course, I was really anxious and excited about this surprise. As she walked me through Pest all the buildings started to look familiar yet I had no clue where we were. We end up stopping at a secured gate. Words which I could not understand were exchanged between her and the security guard before the gate unlocked for us to pass through. The surprise ended up being a new band's, the Corny's, rehearsal at the Keleti Blokk. And a surprise it was. (The only other band that I got to experience this kind of performance with was Magna in Los Angeles.) It was a delight seeing The Corny play and an amazing last day to my trip.

Since that night I have been anticipating their first album release. The album is still currently in the works, but they've released one song a teaser. Listening to this song the first time earlier today I was brought back to Keleti Blokk, reliving the moments in my head.

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(No albums out yet. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their debut album's release!)

Mole - Baageshri

My friend, Talha Wynne, introduced me to some of his local music. Just recently I was extremely impressed with this artist, Mole. They're a mix of indie, electronic, ambient, and other styles of music. Without going into any politics, it's just a pity that all this is going on in the world because Pakistan has a great yet completely untapped music scene. I'm definitely looking forward to more Pakistani entries to this blog.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

New Album Release: Sleep Dealer - Shadows Of The Past

No more than three hours ago the Russian post-rock solo-project, Sleep Dealer, released his new album. His previous albums have been fairly dark, but he takes it to another level with this one. Incorporating classical elements, this album is dark... gothically dark and cinematically huge. I don't even want to start describing it or else I'll be here for a while... and I have a lot of work to do (and some beer to share with my father!).

Yesterday Colour For A Rebel released some new songs, today Sleep Dealer... this is a good week for music.

Download here.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Washed Out - Feel It All Around

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New Album Release: Colour For A Rebel - 2011

The one-man project, Colour For A Rebel, has released three new tracks. He has decided to take a different route from his previous work which was more post-rock centered and break the expectations of sticking to a single genre. The album first starts with 16mm, a beautiful, almost dream-like ambient piece. It then goes into Pointless, another beautiful piece, much more sombre. And then we end with Pirate Gypsy. This song is probably the most drastically different of his new works. A song in a somewhat noir-ish, gypsy folk style.

This is most definitely an interesting change in style for Colour For A Rebel. While I have fallen in love with his previous work, I'm really excited about this new direction and look forward to his future work.

New tracks are available for free download on

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pink Freud - Jazz Fajny Jest

I was hoping to do some updates while on my trip to Chicago but it seems like I wasn't even able to do that. I wish I could have said that it was because the trip was SO AWESOME that I had no time, but it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, Chicago was great, Labirinto was phenomenal, and my time spent in St. Louis was a blast, but the road has been unforgiving and wrought with stress and frustration.

But I come back with some delicious jazz; good for the soul. Mmmmm.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Secta Chameleon feat. Judie Jay - More than a feelin'

I came across Emil Goodman's music video for the popular Tears For Fears cover on my friend's facebook page. It was a very artistically amazing video. I love the song so much that I'm very critical of any visuals added to it other than what it was intended for, Donnie Darko. But I liked that a lot.

Then I came across this... wow.

Secta Chameleon
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Judie Jay
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Emil Goodman (Visual artist)
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(Secta Chameleon's albums are available for purchase on iTunes. I couldn't find any source to purchase/download Judie Jay's work.)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Jaga Jazzist - Swedenborgske Rom

Lately I have been swamped with work, hence my less frequent updates. I haven't had the time to search for a new artist to feature every day. However, I stumbled upon this listening to my friend's radio. Lately I don't find myself instantly falling in love with bands quite as frequently. But this... wow... I have never heard jazz so epic. I have heard jazz fusion with rock, but jazz fused with progressive (post-) rock? I instantly bought What We Must shortly after the song finished. I had to.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Volkova Sisters - Last Song Of The Dying Fly

are three songs from their new EP which is also downloadable on their Soundcloud page, and some reading material for my Hungarian viewers.

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